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The Digital Examiner

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The Digital Examiner is the monthly publication of PROSTAID Calgary. It keeps you updated on all the latest news and information about prostate cancer.

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[-] 2022

Digital Examiner 269 March 2022
Issue: 269
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.1 MB
Includes: The PREVENT Study, Dr. Philip Barber bio, our first OPEN MIC NIGHT, PROpel Suggests Adding Olaparib to Abi-raterone Improves Outcomes, Risk vs. Benefit for Active Surveillance for Patients with Intermediate-Risk Disease, Epide-miology, Initial Diagnosis, and Life Expectancy of Men With Prostate Cancer, Facts and Recommendations on Early Detection of PC, Calgary to build cyclotron for radiopharmaceuticals, and more!

Digital Examiner 268 February 2022
Issue: 268
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.34 MB
Includes:Could More Testosterone Be the Hidden Key to Fighting Prostate Cancer?, Don Wood bio, How Much Should You Eat?, The Changing Face of Advanced Prostate Cancer and Implications for Evidenced Based Medicine, Caregivers and Cancer, Mobile Audio Recording Technology to Pro-mote Informed Decision Making in Advanced Prostate Cancer, ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit, Canadian Clinical Trials, Articles of Interest, Video links, and more!

Digital Examiner 267 January 2022
Issue: 267
File Type: .PDF
File Size: 1.0 MB
Includes: Real-time MRI guided Prostate Radiotherapy, Dr. Sangjune Lee bio, ADT Educational Program, Sapiens Strategies Research Survey, Advances in Prostate Brachytherapy, Identification and management of metastatic prostate cancer patients with DNA repair gene alterations, Biomarkers of Response to Neoadjuvant Androgen Deprivation in Localised Prostate Cancer, Predictors of prostate cancer outcomes in Saskatchewan, Movember Launches World’s Largest Cancer Real World Evidence Network, Dave Lunn's reading recommendations, and more!

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